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BB Guns and Safety Issues - Sports - Extreme Sports

BB Guns and Safety Issues   by Miller Derek

in Sports / Extreme Sports    (submitted 2012-01-10)

A BB gun is not a real gun, but you should realize that it still poses a lot of safety issues. Many people do not understand these risks and treat these guns in a very casual manner. In fact, there is a scene in the movie 'A Christmas Story' as well in which Ralphie is warned to use the gun carefully, and he faces the consequences later for not heeding that warning. He ended up actually shooting his eye out because he fired the carbine action model air rifle on a surface that had potential for rebound.

The scene form the movie was just an example. It is extremely important to take proper safety measures when handling a BB gun. BB Guns can not only injure people but can be fatal as well. Most of the safety rules that are followed for real guns should be used while handling a BB gun as well. These safety rules are important regardless of who is handling the gun.

Safety tips

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that always handle a BB gun assuming that it is loaded. You might pull the trigger thinking that the gun is not loaded, and the consequences can be disastrous. Also never wave your gun around or point it at someone even if it is not loaded. The local rules and regulations also keep varying. So you must check out the laws regarding these guns. Some of them might not be allowed in particular regions. It is also very important to shoot only when you are completely aware about the target and the surroundings. If there is the slightest probability of someone being near the target then you should not shoot, as you can miss.

Protective eye wear is also a must as you might have realized after reading about the movie 'A Christmas Story' above. Also, BBs have a tendency to bounce back, especially of hard and flat surface. That is why it is important to shoot at a surface that is not at any angle. Most hard surface including still water also ricochet BBs. Carrying a BB gun in a public area is also quite dangerous. This is because BB guns have become very realistic, and there have been cases when police men have mistaken these guns for actual weapons. Make sure that your gun has a tip painted in fluorescent color to indicate that it is not a real gun.