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BB Guns and Safety Measures - Sports - Extreme Sports

BB Guns and Safety Measures   by Kevin Fernandez

in Sports / Extreme Sports    (submitted 2011-06-29)

BB guns fall under the category of air guns, which use an object of spherical shape (called projectiles or the BBs) for shooting. BB Guns were introduced in the American market for the first time in 1938 and since then they have been in great demand, especially among children. They are also referred to as airsoft guns and the commonly sold guns are of 6mm diameter. The BB of these guns is commonly made of plastic and is used while playing games like Paintball.

Airsoft guns are available in many varieties and have different kinds of accessories. Even though BB guns are not used as firearms, just like any other gun, they have to be handled carefully. Here are some of the safety measures you should know and practice while handling these guns.

Safety Measures for Using BB Guns

Before shooting, make sure that the area near the target is clear. Wait until you are ready to fire and only then keep your fingers on the trigger. Set the target and then shoot. In order to protect your eyes and face, use an eyewear or a face mask.

Always consider the gun to be loaded. You should not point it at anybody irrespective of whether it is loaded or not loaded. Minors are not allowed to use BB guns, that is you should be aged 18 or above to use these guns. But minors can fire with these guns under strict supervision of adults or experienced people.

There are higher chances of airsoft guns ricocheting than other guns when used against some targets. Ricocheting effects vary in flat surfaces, hard surfaces and on the water. Make sure your target is kept straight and not at an angle to avoid ricocheting. Choose a safe target, which does not make the projectile bounce back.

Mostly, BB guns are available in fluorescent orange colour, which helps police officials differentiate them from the real guns. So do not change the original colour to any fancy colour you like. Also carrying a BB gun, while climbing and jumping is not advised.

Always make sure your gun is in good shape and it is cleaned regularly - after every use is advisable. This will make sure that you don't face any problems while firing. Always try to avoid re-using the set of ammunitions in your gun. Re-use of ammunitions can damage your gun faster and cut down the durability.