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Electric Airsoft Guns V S Spring Airsoft Guns - Business - Small Business

Electric Airsoft Guns V/S Spring Airsoft Guns   by Vikram Kumar

in Business / Small Business    (submitted 2012-01-30)

Manual versus automatic. The comparison between electric airsoft guns and spring airsoft guns is very much like a comparison between manual transmission and automatic transmission cars. Each accomplishes the same purpose while operating on a different type of technology, and each has its pros and cons, but both have their own diehard fans.

The main difference between the two varieties is also the feature that gives each type of gun its name. Spring airsoft guns, as the name suggests, are spring-operated, meaning that bullets are propelled from the gun by means of a mechanical spring. Electric airsoft guns, despite the different name, actually propel bullets by means of a spring as well. The difference that accounts for the different name, however, is that the electric guns make use of an electric motor to pull back, or cock, the spring automatically, whereas with regular spring guns, cocking has to be done manually.

This difference affects the way each type of gun is able to shoot. Spring guns require that you cock the spring manually before each shot, usually by pumping the handle or pulling back the slide. This means that you are limited to a single shot each time you cock the gun. Electric guns, on the other hand, are able to fire in full automatic mode. This means that you can fire off an entire magazine without stopping until that magazine is empty. This allows for a much greater rate of fire.

While full automatic fire is a great advantage, the downside lies in the need to power the electric motor. This is done by means of batteries, and batteries can only hold a limited charge. Once the batteries in a gun are depleted of their electric charge, they either need to be replaced or recharged. Spring guns, on the other hand, are able to fire for as long as your ammunition lasts.

Weight offers another difference. Electric guns tend to be heavier as compared to spring guns, due to the motor and the batteries needed to power that motor. The added weight can be a big disadvantage, especially when you have to carry your gun through a long game, causing you to become tired out more quickly than any of your opponents using a lighter spring gun. On the other hand, the added weight can also act to stabilize your shots, increasing your accuracy.

The relatively more complex technology used in the electric variety also makes them more expensive when compared to spring guns, which operate on much simpler technology. For those for whom price is an issue, purchasing an electric airsoft gun can be a difficult decision to justify.

Ultimately, the differences between electric airsoft guns and spring airsoft guns mean that one type will be more suited to your needs and shooting style than the other. If you are a true airsoft gun enthusiast, however, then your collection will most likely quickly grow to include both types of gun, and you will learn to appreciate the better qualities of both types.