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History of game hunts   by Dolainternational

in Outdoors / Hunting    (submitted 2011-03-14)

Everything that survives today has its unique history which is in no case replaceable. There is no escape from history and inclusion of the interesting facts makes it all the more amazing. In the latter stage, no one wants to escape it.

It is good to make oneself face to face with the history of various fields. When it is the history of the hunts, it cannot be more interesting because hunts are already an adventurous topic. History is always enriching in its nature when it is too old. There is so much to discover when it is old. Similar is the case with the hunts.

The history of hunt is as old as man. It was in the initial stages that man started hunting in the forest. Inhabiting in the forest was the first stage of the man on the earth and hunting corresponding to that was also the first stages of the man to earn his food. Even before man, there existed pre man animals who hunted each other.

Although hunting was the first stage, the man did not leave it after he proceeded to the second step. It became essential to his survival and adventurous as well. Farming and the cultivation could not stop him from hunting other animals. Gradually, the survival game expanded to the competitive trophy heads. It was no more for the food; it was now more for the sports or the passion for the skin of the animal.

Unfortunately, these continued activities of man lead to the extermination of some species as well. We have lost our precious species just because man had a passion for hunting. With such consequences, it now takes a license for the hunt lovers to continue their hunting. This big game hunt varies from different geographical areas. The tough poaching laws and sportsmanship are the kind of things which have made the hunting of the animals by man continued.

Some of the animals and hunts included in this big game are deer hunt, mule deer, musk ox, water buffalo hunt, mountain lion, boar, elephant, antelope, lion hunt, bear, rhinoceros, hippopotamus hunt, leopard hunt, moose, elk, caribou, rocky mountain goat and lots others.

Hunting depends a great deal on the seasons, kinds of animal hunted, mating and birthing times. All the countries have their laws for the hunting. For instance, Africa is known for its large species and animals like lions. Quite logically, when the licenses or permits are not available, the price for the hunting goes up. For example, out of the state hunting license goes up to $5400 for the bull buffalo in Arizona.