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How to Create and Use an Internet Scavenger Hunt in the Classroom - Finance

How to Create and Use an Internet Scavenger Hunt in the Classroom   by Phillip Buckley

in Finance    (submitted 2011-06-01)

There are usually several available if you do a search on the web. Some even offer great prizes. Bonus: You'll have fun visiting interesting sites together with your children and you'll probably learn a few things along the way.

Throwing and hosting scavenger hunt parties can be a blast. But sometimes you want to switch things up a little bit and have a specific theme. One idea that I think is fun is to focus on current - and sometimes not so current - events. We could have a presidential scavenger hunt or focus more on things and leaders from the past. How about some scavenger hunt ideas for world history?

Think about all the wars, trials, and tribulations we have gone through as a planet. We could incorporate some knowledge of history into a game, much like many good teachers do. For instance, one of the scavenger hunt clues could point to pictures of certain types of uniforms worn during the Civil War. Or we could have a clue say something about where the Pilgrims landed when they settled into the United States, and label a large stone outside "Plymouth Rock".

Maybe those aren't the most creative clues in the world, but the point is there. Much of this type of scavenger game can be done online, finding pictures of things that have shaped our world.

Another example: Come up with a rhyme describing George Washington, such as: "Hi there; it is me. I was the first president, and I chopped down a cherry tree!" The mission of the child or student involved in the hunt would be to find an image of Mr. Washington on the computer.

There are many other ways to go about this type of game, and the idea is to get the kids involved in learning about world history.

Write a clue about the Coliseum and some of the things that went on in there!

An internet scavenger hunt is a fun way to get your kids and students learning while they are surfing the Web. Here are 5 easy steps to creating your own unique online hunt about a particular theme or state standard of your choosing.

Five Steps to Creating Your Internet Scavenger Hunts