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6 Reasons Why Gun Locks Arent

Gun locks--sometimes called "trigger locks"--are devices attached to your gun's trigger that keep the gun from firing. Their intention is to protect children from firing guns accidentally, and they're quite popular. In the United States, the President distributed over 20 million gun locks to households all over the country as part of Project Gunsafe, a new project meant to lessen the danger of guns in households with young children. It sounds like a good program--but this is undoubtedly a case of good intentions gone awry. Gun locks are simply not good protection for your guns, and they may do more harm than good. Here's why.

Accidental gun deaths are more rare than most people think. There are a lot of heartbreaking ads out there that show kids talking about the time they were playing with Daddy's gun and accidentally shot someone. These tragic occurrences do happen from time to time, and when they do, they're widely publicized. Much more well-publicized than more common tragedies--hundreds more children die every year in car accidents, residential fires, and even in bathtubs than as a result of accidental gun firings. In fact, between 1995 and 1999 in the U.S., only about nine children were reported to have died this way.

A Guide to Medieval Weapons

If you write fantasy or are thinking about writing fantasy you probably are going to have medieval weapons in your created world. Today's reader of fantasy is very savvy when it comes to weapons and armor and you want your writing to be accurate and to make sense when it comes to weapons. They are often a big part of the story. In this article I explain some important things about medieval weapons, how to get them right, and I look at some of the more popular types of weapons.

In sync with the world

In the world we live in there has been a very distinct path from sticks and stones to the weapons we have now and this is something you really need to consider in your writing. We have progressed roughly from stone, to copper and bronze, then iron, into eventually steel. Now we have composite materials such as Kevlar. The important thing to realize here is that weapons were made according to the skills and knowledge of weapon smiths. If you are going to have sophisticated weapons in your novel or story you have to have the support to back it up. And steel is a good example of this. It takes a high level of knowledge and skill to make steel and if your world is composed of grass and wood huts it doesn't make sense to have these steel weapons just appearing as if from nowhere. In summary the weapons you use in your novel have to fit into the world you have created. Another thing to consider is availability. If you are using Iron then there should be iron mines in your world. Availability of materials is also an important factor. Our world went through an extended Iron Age because iron was very readily available and easy to work with.

A Look at the Weapons of Medieval

A great portion of a knight's life was devoted to the mastery of a variety of weapons. Here is a look at some of the more common weapons that were wielded throughout the Middle Ages.

Knights had a reign that lasted several hundred years and in this time period the weapons they used varied and changed significantly. Some of the factors that caused this change were improvements in metalworking and improvements in weapon design. Armor also improved over this period of time and it mandated improvements in weapons. One of the most significant changes came with the advent of plated armor. This new type of armor caused changes in many of the knight's standard weapons. Slicing and bladed weapons were often accentuated or replaced by weapons that could pierce or apply a hammer-like blow. This development of hand weapons continued to change for centuries and reached its apex in the fourteenth and fifteenth century with the advent of gunpowder. This articles looks at some of the more common weapons from this time period.

A look at some Unique and Unusual

A look at some Unique and Unusual Medieval Weapons   by Will Kalif

in Education    (submitted 2007-01-08)

The Middle Ages was a time of much conflict and warfare. During this time many unusual weapons were created to solve battlefield problems. Many of these weapons are familiar to us such as the sword, axe, or lance. But there were many lesser known and unusual weapons that were created during this time in history.

Not all weapons were created specifically for battle or for hand to hand combat against an armored foe and a good example of this was the Man Catcher. This unusual weapon was a long pole arm with a semi-circular pronged shape catch at the end. There was a spring-loaded trap on it and it was used to reach up, capture, and pull down someone mounted on a horse. The primary use of this weapon was to capture enemy royalty for later ransom.

Air Soft Guns Everything You Need

The sport of air soft has been all the rage the last few years, and its growth shows no signs of slowing any time soon. But don't let the name of the sport fool you. An air soft gun shoots BBs at speeds that can easily cause serious injury. If you're looking to learn about air soft, or you're an experienced player looking for a review, this article covers the basics of the equipment and safety protocol.

The popularity of the sport likely stems from how realistic the guns and scenarios are. Almost all air soft guns are modeled after a real gun model (known as "real steel"), modeling even the reloading mechanism and weight. Players typically wear camouflage and work together as teams to win the game. Like paintball, when someone gets hit they are out of the game, either until a new game starts or until a predetermined amount of time has passed.

Airsoft Guns Yes

A number of people fear firearms or at least don't like them and they have their reasons. Personally, I fear the downhill of a roller coaster and I don't like playing with dolls or shell cold shrimp, yet, give me an airsoft gun in a combat field of friends and family and watch the excitement.

We have our likes, fears, pleasures, and woes. Still, there's something about joining that friendly airsoft gun skirmish using my airsoft guns that I find exhilarating. This airsoft gun activity may be uncomfortable for many; yet can be a fantasy come true or at least good exercise for others.


Airsoft is the label given to the sport and/or hobby of collecting 1:1 replicas of real firearms. Airsoft guns are considered non-lethal because the airsoft gun ammunition consists of soft BBs or pellets; typically larger than the BB's sold in many local sporting goods stores.

Airsoft Guns And The Technology

Airsoft Guns And The Technology   by Anthony Carter

in Outdoors    (submitted 2009-10-16)

The design of the airsoft guns were supposed to be simple. As manufacturers saw a need for the technology, they answered the call. The call was to Japan. In the 1970s, it was illegal for anyone to own a firearm. Airsoft technology was the way around the law. These guns offered military designs but were not deadly.

The first airsoft guns were designed with a spring-powered, single-shot technology. Every time that you shot the gun, you would have to pull a bolt, lever, or other kind of mechanism to reload the chamber with more ammunition. This made the shooting process slow. You could not fire repeated rounds of ammunition; however, the advantage to this technology was that it was cheap and that it would always work. One does not have to rely upon an outside power source for the gun to work.

Alaska Hunting Guide

WHAT TO HUNT AND WHERE: Alaska is a hunter's paradise. Hunting here can provide the full scope of experiences- from caribou to deer and moose, from grizzly and brown bears to wolves, from Dall sheep and mountain goats to muskox, from waterfowl to ptarmigan and several grouse species. Diverse Alaska geographic areas offer adventure for everyone, give us various choices:

Interior Alaska. From mountains and rolling hills, river valleys covered with forests to the vast spaces of treeless tundra at higher altitudes and in the far north. Temperaure varies greatly throughout the year, from -50 Celsius (-58 Fahrenheit) in the winter months to +30 Celsius (+86 Fahrenheit) during summers. There are just a few highways in the interior part of Alaska. Most of the area can only be reached by plane, boat or by foot. Summer is warm but short. Climate and landscape conditions provide variety of big game: moose and cariboo, Dall sheep in the mountains, some wild bison, muskox in the arctic Alaska, wolves, black and grizzly bears, waterfowl, some grouse and ptarmigan.

Alfa Weapons Co Your Online Store

Alfa Weapon's Co. â€" Your Online Store for Weapons, Scopes, Sights, Lasers and More   by Melvaas

in Internet    (submitted 2011-08-25)

With regard to buying any sort of weapon and accessory, you can easily purchase them almost anywhere. There are physical stores offering guns, knives and accessories such as scopes, sights, lasers and even ammunition. But, it is essentially important that a consumer should purchase these weapons and accessories the legal way. You don't want to end up getting caught in the middle of something just because you have purchased the gun or the ammunition from an illegal store, don't you? Thus, before you consider finding the right weapon for you, regardless of your purpose, what you need is to find a reliable supplier of guns, knives, scopes, sights lasers and other accessories.

All About Hunting Guides Hobbies

All About Hunting Guides   by Albie Berk

in Hobbies    (submitted 2008-11-02)

A qualified professional hunting guide may be the choice option for the urban hunter with little time to scout and investigate hunting prospects. When attempting to hunt unfamiliar territory, a guide can make the difference between a good and a bad hunt. Unless you have thorough knowledge of the land you wish to hunt, you might spend unfruitful days in the bush without the help of a guide. Another name for a guide might be a "scout."

A guide can keep you out of trouble. He can limit frustrations and save you time. A guide can help with retrieving, gutting, and caping trophies. The guide can accurately predict the packing and preparation needs of the hunter, thereby eliminating the need to purchase or pack certain items. He will tell you what you should bring and what will be furnished, what is available locally and what is not.