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Is Bullet Proof Resistant Glass Really Bullet Proof

You have probably seen plenty of action films that show items blowing up and cars getting shot at with multiple bullets but not getting penetrated. Is this really a camera trick or can glass be prevented from destruction by bullets? There are actual products that have been created which can prevent bullets.

You might not see the benefits of having anything bullet proof. But if your front door or business has a glass window or glass door you are a sitting duck if someone wants to gain entry through the use of force. You will have no protection at all.

Bullet proof resistant glass can withstand not just one but a numerous number of bullet rounds. So you will feel secure knowing that your home or business can be protected while you are away. There are many layers of protection that you can get depending on what type of bullets you want to prevent. The bigger the gun that is deployed means that there is a stronger force of damage.

Bullet proof glass works by having two layers of glass combined together. One layer is brittle while the other is flexible. As someone shoots the bullet towards the glass the first layer will stop and slow down the bullet without damaging the second layer beneath it. So if you are behind the protected glass you will see and hear the effects of the bullets but you won't get hit.

There is another process that also helps to deter bullets. It is called tempering. It makes glass stronger through a heating and cooling process. Most companies will offer this as an added layer of protection in addition to any other methods for those customers that want it. There are eight levels of protection that you can get which can have a UL752 certification. This certification will ensure that the product purchased has met all requirements and contains bullet resistant materials.