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Real Life Lessons in Writing The Deadliest Benefit Bullets - Business

Real Life Lessons in Writing The Deadliest Benefit Bullets   by Lisette Tacderen

in Business    (submitted 2013-02-25)

One of the best ways you can improve your copywriting abilities is to use benefit bullets. Here's why. If you are not using benefit bullets (as most inexperienced copywriters are not), then you are not utilizing a very powerful strategy. Bullets will always look easy to do, especially when the professional has already done them for you. But that all stops when it's your turn to do it and that is understandable. Learning how to write benefit bullets is difficult. You must first know the purpose of them before you can write them proficiently. Easier said than done, so here are three powerful tips for creating bullets that stop them cold.

Benefit bullets were once standard; a basic dot on the left, text to the right that described the benefit. You can still see that being used by many sites and sales letters on the net. The popularity of the simple dot, however, is not as strong as it used to be, as many people now prefer using more elaborate images for their bullets. You can do either, but if you want to be original, pay attention to how it looks.

You have to balance the need to be noticed with the value of being tasteful and professional in your look. Make your bullets both noticeable and appealing at the same time. Your bullets should have a look that harmonizes with the rest of your copy.

Purposely go out of your way to make some of your bullets real attention getters. But do avoid looking ridiculous about it because that is only a negative. There are various ways to make your bullets easily noticed -such as having a short but dramatic word in bold beginning the list. The fonts you use can also have an impact on how easily people notice the bullet. If a particular bullet isn't that critical to your copy, don't go out of your way to make it extra noticeable. The main thing to focus on is drawing attention to your most significant bullet points. You don't want people to pass by the ones that really matter to you. When a certain bullet mentions a crucial benefit of your product, do whatever you can to have people notice it.

It is not necessary to state a perfect message in each of the benefit bullets. Benefits really don't need to express the entire idea - they should only convey some knowledge leaving the reader to find out more. When the reader sees the information, it should be presented in a way that is as powerful as possible. Your benefit bullets should be positioned in a way to create a shock and awe scenario that gets them to stop and pay attention. Discover what new child medications may cause sudden, instant death. This type of headline would compel any parent to read more information on this topic. You can expand your knowledge of writing than if it bullets, and headlines, using a very clever strategy. Going to the store, you will inevitably wait in line. While waiting in line, you should read the tabloid and magazine headlines. You find yourself drawn in like a magnet, simply because of the words that they have used. Many are using with benefits, and are short and to the point. The exact ideals for writing benefit bullets are used when writing headlines, which is why you want to study what they have done.