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The Ability of Bullet - Resistant Glass

As the name suggests, bullet resistant glass has the ability of preventing bullets from penetrating the glass when fired at it. Bullet proof glass is made by using a transparent and strong material like polycarbonate thermoplastic.

How is the bullet resistant glass made?

A layer of polycarbonate thermoplastic is sandwiched between two layers of glass. When a bullet is fired at the bullet proof, the bullet only manages to pierce the exterior layer of glass. The bullet is stopped by the very strong and protective layer of polycarbonate thermoplastic.

The interior layer remains unaffected and the people on the other side of the bullet resistant glass are safe.

Bullet proof glass is also made up of several layers of laminated glass. A special type of liquid rubber is used to glue the layers of laminated glass together.

There has been a constant effort to create something better for the protection of man. As weapons are becoming more advanced, the means of protection are also being upgraded. In a bid to make stronger defensive structures and better protective gear, the bullet resistant glass has been developed. prevents not just a single bullet, but a series of bullets.

That glasses proving beneficial in places more than one. The use of bullet glass is not just limited to places of law enforcement, but also to a variety of other places. With the current state of affairs, no place can be termed as safe. Even a house or a commercial establishment can be at risk.

Besides the military, the police also needs a protective covering in the form of bullet proof glass. One of the best ways to employ the bullet proof is by using bullet windows in the police cars. Sudden attacks can be prevented by the use of bullet resistant windows.