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Turkey Hunting Tips-5 Guidelines To Coax In A Timid Tom - Outdoors - Hunting

Turkey Hunting Tips-5 Guidelines To Coax In A Timid Tom   by Keith Cantelmo

in Outdoors / Hunting    (submitted 2011-03-17)

Turkey hunting is an awesome, exhilarating and often challenging experience. However, once you give it a try, I'm willing to bet that you will be hooked.

Before you can begin, you have to do some homework. you have to find a good location to hunt. This can be a bit more involved than you may think. Finding the right area is just the beginning. Once you do, you may have to get permission to hunt there.

Once that is complete, you then have to scout this area to find the roost. Mark several locations on a map, this will help you to move around quickly should you decide to change hunting locations.

Next, consider the turkey hunting supplies you will need. You will need camouflage, a shotgun and ammo, a hunting vest and calls. Once you have everything, then it's time to head out into the field. To help you increase your chances of success use these 5 turkey hunting tips.

1. Don't Get Too Close To The Roost- This is a common mistake by many turkey hunters. You are excited, your heading out before sunup and your trying to get as close as possible so you have the best position when these toms come off the roost. Getting too close is going to end your day quicker than a unexpected rain storm. The best distance from the roost is about 100-150 yards. This should get you close enough without scaring them off the roost.

2. Talk Softly- When you are catching the turkeys just coming off the roost, start your calling with some soft clucks or yelps. Think about it like this, if you are like most people, you hate loud noises when you first wake up. The same can be said for the toms coming off the roost. If you start off aggressively with your calls, you could scare them away.

3. Make Some Scratches- This is very effective if you are trying to coax in a timid tom. Scratch some leaves with your hand. This imitates the sound a hen makes when she's feeding. If that tom is just out of read, this should get him to come a bit closer to find the hen.

4. Don't Shoot A Strutting Tom- The best shot for you will be once the gobbler comes out of his strut. When he does he will extend his neck and look around. This will provide you will a large enough target area for an ethical shot.

5. Have Patience- This is another common mistake made by novice and experienced turkey hunters alike. Sometimes these gobblers can be quite frustrating. It seems like forever to get them to come close, even when you can hear them calling off in the distance. When you think you can't wait any longer and you want to pack up and head to another location, sit tight for another 15-30 minutes. It may take some time for that gobbler to come and investigate your calls. Having extra patience to let him get there, will help you fill your tag more often than you might think.

Using these turkey hunting tips will help to keep you one gobble ahead of your tom. After filling your first tag, it's almost certain that you will catch turkey hunting fever. For more information about how to hunt turkeys, visit my website.