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Who Needs a Bullet Proof Vest With Side Protection - Business - Product Reviews

Who Needs a Bullet Proof Vest With Side Protection?   by Scott Van Der Veer

in Business / Product Reviews    (submitted 2011-04-29)

Body armor like bullet proof vests provides vital protection for many people, ranging from police officers and military police to investigators, executives and many, many others. A wide range of armor styles exists on the market today, but the bullet proof vest with side protection is one of the most common and most effective.

If you find yourself in need of this type of body armor, you might consider the need for a vest with side protection. What is a vest with this type of protection and what makes these different from other options on the market?

Understanding the Difference in Vests

A side protective vest differs from standard options. Many vests only protect the front and back of the body, leaving much of the side unprotected. This can leave you exposed to threats that do not come from the front or the back. While a side shot might not cause serious harm, there is the potential for it to be deadly. Therefore, it's important that you consider your options in a vest with side protection. In case of a hand to hand confrontation, this vest will add additional protection from side thrust that would generally cause you to drop your guard for a few seconds which could allow the assailant to get the upper hand. Having this additional protection will keep you protected and able to maintain your objective.

Weight Considerations

When you purchase a bullet resistant vest with additional protection, it's important to understand that you will be adding weight. The type of material used will determine just how much weight you add to the vest. With this style of vest, you have several options in material, including metal, ceramic and Kevlar (or the equivalent to Kevlar).

When purchasing a vest, you should understand that metal plates will add the most weight. Ceramic plates are a better option, as they provide the same protection as metal, but offer far lower weight. Woven side panels can be good solutions as well, depending on the amount of protection you want in that area (woven panels are not as resistant as ceramic or metal plates, but they're more flexible and comfortable). Dyneema is a light weight ballistic plate which is becoming more popular due to the fact that they are a couple pounds lighter than their ceramic counter parts.

Design Considerations

You will be able to find a vest with protective fiber options in several different styles. For instance, woven panels can be used for a concealable bullet resistant vest with this choice of protection. You will also find designs that allow you to add side protection to executive bullet proof vests, too. The standard, exterior-worn bullet proof vest is perhaps the most widely available, though.

Choosing the right combination of weight, protection and flexibility for your bullet proof vest with side protection is essential, so choose carefully.